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In this part 1 of the workshop, we are going to talk about the fundamentals of your business. Some of the topics that we talk about are: Why LinkedIn and is this the right fit for your business?Why your story matter?Results that you can expect using LinkedInHow to create your offer?How to do market research?
In part 2 of the workshop, Rohan opened up his LinkedIn account and goes into details about: How to set up your profile for success?What kind of content can you create to showcase your authority, vulnerability, and make you more approachable?How to make sure that you never fall short on content ideas?How to do outreach […]
Market Research
More often than not, people skip this process because they think, “My product/service is for everyone.” Saying that means you are a generalist and not an expert. But who gets paid more? It’s ALWAYS a specialist. Let me explain this with an example. Imagine that you have the flu and you go to a local […]

A Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

The only step by step guide you need to filling your B2B sales pipeline.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide

By Rohan Kale

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide