B2B Leads Leverage System ™

More leads equal more business.

However, qualified leads equal exponential business growth!

We partner with our clients to strategize, design, implement and acquire customers using various acquisition channels as we see fit and scalable. Our goal is to create engagement, increase conversions, and scale your business using our proprietary B2B Lead Leverage System (™) In a world full of “consultants,” there is a need for a team to not only talk about the right way to implement but to also jump in the trenches with our clients.

Meet Our Founder

I’m Rohan Kale

There’s a ton of noise on the internet. Love it or hate it, the worst thing you can do is never be a part of it.

I don’t know about you, but I love cartoons. I’ve always been an animation nerd. When I started RK we never knew online video would get SO big – but it’s exceeded even our expectations.

While building this business, I learned the importance of having a marketing system for myself.I was generating leads but it was a gruesome process. There was no system behind it.What I soon realized was that I was doing the same thing like all my competitors and therefore I had to compete on price, deliverables, etc.This was not working anymore and my business became stagnant!I took a step back and thought what would it take for people to come to me and looking to work with me.

This is where I realized how being perceived as an expert is everything.I made changes in my marketing model and after a few tweaks it exploded and the business grew exponentially.Mid 2019 I shared my method with a business colleague and he used it in his business to see similar kinds of results. I knew that I was onto to something.I saw a lot of people offering “lead generation services” and delivering a sub-par cookie-cutter approach.

This spray and pray method hardly works because people sense spam from a mile away.Hardly anyone was going into the foundational piece because that is where the real work needs to be done.This is where the idea of B2B Growth Agency came into existence. 

We provide a holistic consulting service to tell your story from start to finish – from building your marketing system to lead generation to sales!Within a few months, we already have a steady stream of clients that are getting amazing results and who have never been so excited. Many of them have rekindled that passion for their business again and are getting amazing results.

My team of experts and I can’t wait to get started on your next project.

A Definitive Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation

The only step by step guide you need to filling your B2B sales pipeline.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide

By Rohan Kale

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide